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Bobcat Goldthwait

Actor, comedian and director Bobcat Goldthwait joins Illeana on today’s podcast. Bobcat and Illeana talk smashing sets, opening for Nirvana, and… Shakes the Clown. Hilarious podcast, be sure to listen in.   Listen here on iTunes and watch on YouTube here. 

Peter Bogdanovich

Brilliant Director/Writer/Actor/Author Peter Bogdanovich is on today’s podcast. He and Illeana talk directing (he occasionally shows up on set directing the whole day as Jimmy Stewart!), his Movie Card file, grappling (a bit) with Barbra Streisand, and some amazing secrets about What’s Up Doc? Watch here on YouTube. Listen on iTunes. You can find Peter’s […]

Ben Mankiewicz

Listen in to Illeana’s conversation with Ben Mankiewicz. He talks about the best follow-up questions for interviews, how a college class (that he took pass/fail) changed his career, and checking out Sophia Loren’s ass. Fun! Click here to watch on YouTube. Listen on iTunes here. We also talk about the sad loss of Mary Tyler […]

Shirley Knight

Illeana welcomes Academy Award Nominee, Shirley Knight. Shirley discusses maintaining artistic integrity, the importance of theatre, and attending the Oscars with her Dad. Also she talks acting tips and her illustrious career. Watch the podcast here on YouTube:   Listen on iTunes here.   Save Save Save

Chris Noth

The talented and funny Chris Noth joins Illeana on today’s podcast. They talk Rough Riders, how the first movie he ever saw shaped his worldview, and being practically “born in a barn,” with his life growing up in rural Connecticut. Also listen in to hear stories about living the life of a starving actor, being Mr. Big on […]

Daniel Yost

Writer, Director and Producer Daniel Yost joins Illeana on today’s podcast. They talk about his early days as a sports writer in Oregon, technical aspects of film-making, and his hit film, Drugstore Cowboy. Click here to listen on ITunes. You can find Daniel on Twitter at @DanielRYost Save

Dave Mirkin

Emmy winning Producer, writer and director… you may have heard of his show… the Simpsons. Fantastic guest and all around great guy, Dave Mirkin joins Illeana on the show. He talks about his comedic influences (Bugs Bunny and the Three Stooges), flexible reality, and the “Blurse.” Listen in! @DaveMirkin on Twitter.

Lesley Ann Warren

You may know her from her long and illustrious career in films, theater and television… her numerous award-nominated roles (Oscar/Emmy/Golden Globe/Cable Ace) and wins… Lesley Ann Warren joins Illeana on this podcast. Click here to find it on iTunes. From Cinderella to being a Disney contract actress, to Victor/Victoria, Lesley discusses her good fortune as […]

Matt Oswalt

Join us for a lively chat with writer, comedian and Twitter BOSS, Matt Oswalt. He talks with the early influence of film on his life, suffering for art, and the moral line walked when making TV and films. We talk Last Tango in Paris, Watership Down, and The Searchers, as well as star sightings and […]

Kliph Nesteroff

Find it here on ITunes. Author and comedian Kliph Nesteroff joins us in studio to talk movies, who makes him laugh, and how humor has changed in the movies. His book is out in paperback on November 8th. Website Kliph on Twitter is @ClassicShowBiz Save Save Save Save Save Save Save