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Craig Chester

  Talented, insightful and charming actor/writer Craig Chester chats with Illeana on this week’s podcast. They talk about acting school in New York (some of it was wretched), his multiple-years-in-a-row visits to Sundance with films, his book, “Why the Long Face,” how Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman mentored him, being openly gay in Hollywood… oh, […]

Ione Skye

The amazing actress Ione Skye chats with Illeana on the podcast today. She’s known for roles in “River’s Edge,” “Gas Food and Lodging,” and the classic, “Say Anything.” She chats about all these projects with Illeana, as well as her life growing up around musicians (she’s Donavan’s daughter) in Laurel Canyon, her brother’s role in […]

Jeremy Arnold

Author, film historian and commentator, Jeremy Arnold is on the podcast this week. He chats with Illeana about the definition of a Christmas movie, his favorites, about working at TCM and more. Listen here on iTunes. His new book, “Christmas at the Movies,” can be purchased here. Jeremy is here on twitter.

Stephanie Allain

Actress and producer, Stephanie Allain is on the podcast with Illeana this week. Known for films, “Hustle and Flow,” “Black Snake Moan,” and the Netflix show, “Dear White People,” Stephanie talks about looking for material that “makes my heart beat fast.” She started out being a script reader, which she says gave her confidence. She […]

John Brancato

John Brancato, perhaps best known for writing the film, “The Game,” starring Michael Douglas, and “The Net,” starring Sandra Bullock hangs out with Illeana this week. He talks about having “no intention” of becoming a writer, nor that he knew it was something you could do for a living. Then, he moved to L.A., and […]

Allan Arkush

Emmy winner and multiple nominee, Director and Producer Allan Arkush is our guest on the podcast this week. Perhaps best known for his work on “Heroes,” and “Crossing Jordan, Allan has directed episodes of “Nashville, “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events,” and more. Music is a passion for Allan, he talks about about movie […]

Robert Patrick

The brilliant and charming Robert Patrick joins Illeana on the podcast today. Known for his roles in “Terminator 2,” and “X-Files,” as well as “Scorpion,” and so many other projects, Robert talks about them all. He talks about being “hooked,” after his first stage appearance, accidentally hitting Arnold Schwarzenegger, being the first actor to do […]

John Landis PART 2

Part two of the John Landis interview is here! John talks with Illeana about “Animal House,” “Trading Spaces,” (with a great Ralph Bellamy story), and gives some inside scoop about Eddie Murphy. GREAT interview, friends. Listen in! Listen on iTunes here.  John’s book, Monsters in the Movies is available on Amazon. Click here!   

John Landis PART 1

Brilliant director, screenwriter, actor and producer, John Landis is with Illeana in our very first TWO PART interview! In part one, John talks about how he knew he wanted to be a director at the age of 8. He began his illustrious career in the mail room at Fox, and tells a story about signing […]

Matt Chesse

Academy Award nominated editor, Matt Chesse is on the podcast this week with Illeana. They discuss his films, “Finding Neverland,” “Quantum of Solace,” “Monster’s Ball,” “Kite Runner,” and more. He talks about editors being the “the plumbers of the movies,” growing up in the Bay Area, and his unexpected meeting with Daniel Craig. Such a good […]