Allison Anders

Writer, director and Peabody Award winner, Allison Anders joins Illeana on today’s podcast. She and Illeana talk about Grace of my Heart, the intimate relationship between actor and director, what led her to the movies, and some hilarious stories of the time she spent pursuing… dare we say stalking?… Wim Wenders. Listen in!

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Kevin Nealon

Actor – Comedian Kevin Nealon is on the podcast today. He and Illeana talk about his early days at Saturday Night Live, his first character on the show (Mr. Subliminal), how Gary Shandling categorized his jokes, and he tells a hilarious story about his ‘chemistry’ read with Matt Le Blanc for “Man with a Plan.” Listen in!

Bob Weide

Documentary Filmmaker, Producer, Director, and Writer Bob Weide joins Illeana on the podcast today. From his early days covering his cultural heroes in documentaries, to Curb Your Enthusiasm, to British series Mr. Sloane, Bob’s career has run the gamut.


A huge film fan, Bob talks about using a yellow-highlighter to scan the TV guide for old films every week, Woody Allen’s “idea drawer,” and the process of making movies (are you making Citizen Kane, or are you avoiding catastrophe?). Don’t miss this one.

A few pics from Bob’s illustrious career.

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Titus Welliver

Actor Titus Welliver joins us in studio today. You may know him from shows like NYPD Blue and Deadwood, Sons of Anarchy and the Good Wife. He’s currently starring in Bosch on Amazon.

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Titus plays “The Repetition Game” with Illeana, talks about the time Al Pacino spit on him, and Bill Paxton’s “act of grace.” And then there’s the story about the time he had Thanksgiving with Peter Sellers and the Beatles. You won’t want to miss this one.

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Dana Gould

1O1B2558Dana Gould

Comedian Dana Gould is on the podcast today. There are stories about meeting Charlton Heston, his fascination with Planet of the Apes, and how he “became an actor so that he could become a writer.” It’s a wonderful and VERY entertaining interview. Listen in!

Thora Birch


Funny, lovely and talented actress Thora Birch joins us on the podcast today. She talks about growing up on film sets, the joy and pain of playing Harrison Ford’s daughter, and some great inside “scoop” about working on American Beauty, including the never-ending casting process, and when she finally heard she got the job. Great stories.


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Cecilia Miniucchi

Popcorn Talk, interview LA, Jan 12th, 2017


2017-01-12 14.50.09 Cecilia Miniucci

Italian director Cecilia Miniucchi is on the podcast today. She talks about being a female director, and her influences, her favorite film & director inspirations and working with Illeana on “Expired.”

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Joe Dante

Director Joe Dante is on the podcast this week. He and Illeana talk about how working for Roger Corman was his “film school.” How editing is the best preparation for directing, and the hilarity that ensues in the DVD commentary for his hit film, Gremlins.



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Jennifer Tilly

Talented, hilarious and insightful Jennifer Tilly is on the podcast today. We talk Talk Shows, knee-touching, and being in the “funny voice club.” And her plan: Go to New York, Get in a Play, Get a Woody Allen Movie, Get an Oscar Nomination. Simple as that!
Listen in.

Fred Willard


The amazing, talented, funny Fred Willard is on the podcast today. He talks about his comedic influences (Abbot & Costello and especially Danny Kaye), attending military school, and what we all want to know: What it’s like working with Christopher Guest.

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