Eddie Muller

1O1B3587Eddie Muller

Wordslinger, Impresario and Noirchaeologist, Eddie Muller joins Illeana on today’s podcast. He’s passionate about Film Noir… that’s why he’s been dubbed the Czar of Noir.

They talk about their all-time favorite noir films, how his sports-writer father inspired his “obsession” with film noir, and how the city of Paris helped create the genre. A must-see for all film lovers.

Eddie’s website is www.EddieMuller.com
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Heather Matarazzo

Actress Heather Matarazzo joins Illeana on the podcast. She talks about actors, “not curing cancer…” but how they do help people get out of bed every day. Working with Garry Marshall, playing the “funny friend,” and how we all have the “greatest desire to be seen.” Such a good, introspective and inspiring interview. Listen in!
She’s also got a podcast called “SHUT UP AND LISTEN WITH HEATHER MATARAZZO” and also has a Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/HeatherMatarazzo
And the film she starred in called “Stuck” with Joel McHale, Felicia Day, Paul Sheerer, Directed by Jillian Aramante, Written by Heather Turman and Dave Mickel that is currently raising funds for post production. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/stuck-in-post-production-finishing-the-movie#/
Thanks Heather!

Faith Prince

Tony, Drama Desk and Outer Critic’s Circle Award winner, Faith Prince joins Illeana on the podcast today. She talks about her roles on Broadway as well as TV (Modern Family, Drop Dead Diva). She also works with the Boston Pops and Utah Symphony.                                                                                                                                                  1O1B2304
 Faith reveals how, in a way, winning the Tony Award was the “kiss of death,” Peter Boyle encouraging her to “take it all in,” and how she’s Just Famous Enough.                                                                                                                             Watch here on YouTube                                                                                                                                                                    Listen here on iTunes

DB Sweeney


Actor, Director and Screenwriter, DB Sweeney joins Illeana today.

From a (yet unknown) fortuitous baseball injury, to thinking Sidney Lumet had fired him from his first film job, all the way to a chance encounter with Leatherjackets in Australia, DB shares fascinating inside stories of his long career in Hollywood.

Oh, and there’s a story about how “Keifer Sutherland knows his way around a bar.” Don’t miss this podcast.

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Penelope Ann Miller

The beautiful and talented Penelope Ann Miller joins Illeana on today’s podcast. With a stellar career on stage and screen, there are some good stories shared on this one. Enjoy!

Her Lifetime movie “NY Prison Break:The Seduction of Joyce Mitchell” is airing on Apr 23rd.

You can find Penelope on Instagram here.

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1O1B1758 Penelope Ann Miller

Alfred Molina

Actor Alfred Molina joins Illeana on today’s podcast. He talks about the “muscularity” of the American accent, slapping Sally Field, and how his role in Long Day’s Journey into Night gave him “permission” to forgive his own father.

1O1B2205 Alfred Molina

An amazing podcast, with the charming, engaging and funny Alfred Molina.

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Bobcat Goldthwait

Actor, comedian and director Bobcat Goldthwait joins Illeana on today’s podcast.


Bobcat and Illeana talk smashing sets, opening for Nirvana, and… Shakes the Clown. Hilarious podcast, be sure to listen in.


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Peter Bogdanovich

1O1B1557 Bogdanovich

Brilliant Director/Writer/Actor/Author Peter Bogdanovich is on today’s podcast. He and Illeana talk directing (he occasionally shows up on set directing the whole day as Jimmy Stewart!), his Movie Card file, grappling (a bit) with Barbra Streisand, and some amazing secrets about What’s Up Doc?

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You can find Peter’s book on Orson Welles is available at Amazon.

Ben Mankiewicz

1O1B1555 Ben Mankiewicz

Listen in to Illeana’s conversation with Ben Mankiewicz. He talks about the best follow-up questions for interviews, how a college class (that he took pass/fail) changed his career, and checking out Sophia Loren’s ass. Fun!

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We also talk about the sad loss of Mary Tyler Moore, and her legacy.

Check out the Veal Prince Orloff episode clip here.





Shirley Knight

Illeana welcomes Academy Award Nominee, Shirley Knight.


Shirley discusses maintaining artistic integrity, the importance of theatre, and attending the Oscars with her Dad. Also she talks acting tips and her illustrious career.

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