Beverly D’Angelo

The wonderful, beautiful and talented Beverly D’Angelo joins Illeana on the podcast this week. They talk about the lasting impact of film… including Ben Hur, her start as a singer, her enduring friendship with Carrie Fisher, and so much more. Listen in!

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Ed Asner

Actor/activist and 8-Time Emmy Award-winning actor ED ASNER is LIVE on the podcast today.

We’ll be talking about his long and illustrious career, from Roots, to the Mary Tyler Moore show, his activism, being President of SAG, to his endearing role in the Oscar Winning UP! Don’t miss this interview.

Ed’s on Twitter here. 

You can find his book The Grouchy Historian here. 

And if you haven’t watched the “Chuckles” episode lately… here it is. You’re welcome.

Beverly Gray

Author and Movie Maven, Beverly Gray is on the podcast this week. She talks about writing theater reviews while a student at UCLA, her long working relationship with Roger Corman and how she came up with the twist ending to one of his most popular films, and of course, her thoughts, insights and inside intel on The Graduate.

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Tom Cross

Tom Cross, the Academy Award winning editor of Whiplash, talks with Illeana on the podcast today.

It’s a wonderful in-depth chat about musical favorite, La La Land (and some inside scoop about that opening scene in traffic!), editing tricks from Whiplash, and so much more. Listen in!


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Jon Cryer

Emmy winning Actor, writer, director and producer Jon Cryer joins Illeana on the podcast today.

They talk about his early career on Broadway (and his striking resemblance to Matthew Broderick), Theatre Camp, his “luck” in the business, meeting Jerry Lewis, and of course, Pretty in Pink.

You can find Jon on twitter @MrJonCryer

His book, So That Happened is here on Amazon, and here on Audible.

Amanda Wyss

The gorgeous, talented, funny Amanda Wyss is on the podcast this week.

She and Illeana talk about her start in theatre (The BAD SEED!), her audition process for Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the rotating room in Nightmare on Elm Street (and getting vertigo), and so much more. Don’t miss this one!

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James Pondsoldt

Writer, Director, Producer James Pondsoldt joins Illeana on today’s podcast.

They talk about his films, The Spectacular Now, The End of the Tour, The Circle, and Smashed. Great stories about meeting Nick Nolte, the collaborative process of making movies, and his first film festivals in the early days of his career. Listen in.

James is currently working on I Want My MTV, and Wild City.

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Just Illeana, #1

It’s an All-Illeana interview this week, a veritable Illeanarama of a show. She really dives into stories from movie making, Hollywood relationships, and so much more. This is a GREAT show!

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Alicia Malone

Author and presenter Alicia Malone joins Illeana this week. She’s a Fandango Correspondent and host on FilmStruck, the streaming home of the Criterion Collection.

We talk about her early career, an awkward red-carpet greeting with actor Ben Mendelsohn, and that Oprah gives good hugs. Listen in!

Alicia is on Twitter and Instagram.

You can find her book, Backward and in Heels here.

Mary Birdsong

Hilarious and talented actress Mary Birdsong joins Illeana via Skype (our first!) on the podcast. She talks about the pilot she’s in NYC shooting, originating a role in a series, and her fantastic Judy Garland impression, and lots more. This is a fun one, don’t miss it!

Mary is playing “Maryanne” in the new HBO series “Succession” (produced by Adam McKay & Will Ferrell).

Also, check out her video series #365CharactersIn365Days

on her YouTube channel:

You can find her here on Twitter. 

And here on Instagram. 

Mary’s website is here.