Michael McKean

Michael McKean, people, MICHAEL McKEAN is on the podcast this week! He talks music, Spinal Tap, improv, the Mighty Boosh, Better Call Saul, and “this is why we got in to this…”

SUCH a great show. You don’t want to miss this one. Funny, insightful, “inside”… it’s so good.

You can find him here on twitter. 

His website is www.michaelmckean.com


Chris Bergoch

Screenwriter Chris Bergoch joins Illeana on the podcast this week. He talks about his films Starlet and The Florida Project, shooting his first film, Tangerine, on an iPhone, and how after all the success with The Florida Project, he still feels like he’s in an uphill battle. Listen in!

Chris is on Twitter and Instagram @ChrisBergoch


Steven Rogers

Steven Rogers, Screenwriter extraordinaire and former roommate of Illeana (!) is on the podcast this week! He talks about his start in rom-coms, his long-time friendship with Allison Janney, and of course, his Academy Award nominated film, “I, Tonya.” Don’t miss this one!

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Marg Helgenberger

Actress Marg Helgenberger joins Illeana on the podcast this week. They talk about CSI, China Beach, Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson… this interview is something of a fly-on-the-wall moment with two brilliant actresses talking all about the craft. You’ll want to see this one!

You can find Marg here on twitter.

And she’s here on Instagram. 

Her film Almost Friends is on iTunes here.


Steven Weber

Illeana and guest co-host Matt Oswalt welcome Actor Steven Weber on the podcast this week.

He’s currently working on the CBS show “Mom,” playing William Fichtner’s brother. He’s also appeared on Aaron Sorkin’s “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” the B’way production of “The Producers,” and a Showtime movie he wrote call “Club Land,” with Alan Alda and Brad Garrett.

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Ed Solomon

To add to our Salute To Writers, we have screenwriter Ed Solomon on the podcast this week!

Perhaps best known for writing “Bill and Ted movies,” “Super Mario Brothers,” and “Men in Black,” most recently he has teamed up with Steven Soderbergh in their show, “Mosaic.”

He talks with Illeana about his artistic process, his work and long-time friendship with Gary Shandling, how stars like Tom Cruise rent homes, and a meeting with Stallone. Full of great insight and humor, this is one great interview. Don’t miss it!

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You can find Ed here on Twitter.

His website is www.EdSolomonOfficial.com


Josh Olson

Academy Award nominated screenwriter of “A History of Violence,” Josh Olson, joins Illeana on the podcast this week. They talk life in Hollywood, being an artist and a writer, his one definition of success, carrying Billy Barty (literally), his thoughts on getting notes, being nominated for an Oscar, and so much more!

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Check out his audio-drama, Bronzeville here.

His viral rant, “I will not read your fucking script,” can be found here. 



Lois Smith

The amazing, talented Lois Smith is on the podcast this week. She talks about her amazing career, spanning six decades, and includes equal time spent in the theater, and in films and television. Some of her notable theater roles are “The Iceman Cometh,” “The Grapes of Wrath.” TV roles in “Route 66” and “Thirtysomething.” Her film roles include “Five Easy Pieces,”, “Midnight Run,” “Fried Green Tomatoes,” and most recently “Lady Bird,” and “Marjorie Prime.”

Sam Shepard, Robert Duvall, Steppenwolf Theater, and Melvyn Douglas… just a few of the people Lois has worked with. She’s a brilliant performer, and this is an exceptional interview. Don’t miss it!

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You can find Lois here on Twitter. 


Adam Rifkin

Writer, Director and Filmmaker Adam Rifkin dropped by to chat with Illeana this week. His films include “The Dark Backward,” documentary, “Guiseppe Makes a Movie,” “Detroit Rock City,” and “Look.” Adam talks about his latest project, “The Last Movie Star,” with his childhood idol, Burt Reynolds. He also tells some fantastic stories about being educated by Svengoolie, his Adam Rafkin/Alan Rifkin/Adam Rifkin ‘name-cameo’ in the TV series “Action,” his ‘unearned confidence,’ and starting his career by flipping through the Yellow Pages. GREAT interview, don’t miss this one.

Listen on iTunes here.

Watch on YouTube here. 

His film, Giuseppe Makes a Movie can be streamed here.

He’s here on Twitter,

and here on Instagram

And you can get your own Burt Shirt here!

Thanks Adam!

Laraine Newman

Laraine Newman joined Illeana today. They talked about her voiceover work,  being a founding member of The Groundlings, studying with the amazing Marcel Marceau, and of course, Saturday Night Live.

Watch here on youTube.

Laraine’s first movie was called X76 Blood Rust. None of us can find any info on it!

Website: www.LaraineNewman.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/larainenewman